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The New Pearl Harbor

- first off, if you haven't already, read The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffen. it's an excellent book, extremely informative, but you're probably better off ordering it online. Borders & such still don't carry it, at least not in the Western NY region. 

This man gives the best & most comprehensive case for an independent investigation into 9/11. truly phenomenal.. you should also watch his speech at madison university. it aired on c-span2 and is what first pulled me into the idea that everything really was orchestrated by people in our own government. I had been pouring over info, but he's the first one to just make me sit back & really look at how bad things have gotten in this country. 

you can download it from the following two links.. 

part 1 

part 2

 thanks to The Effective Citizen for providing the videos. 

- jen

"... critics of the official theory could point out, rejection of the conspiracy theory exacts a high price. A conspiracy theory usually depends upon the perception of a pattern, plus a claim that the existence of this pattern is best explained by supposing that it was brought about through the combined efforts of two or more people. To reject a particular conspiracy theory of this nature requires either a denial that the alleged pattern exists or the assertion that the existence of the pattern could be purely coincidental. It would be hard to deny that the critics of the official account have discerned a pattern. They have shown that many otherwise puzzling events - before, during, and after 9/11 - can be explained by the theory that high-level officials in the U. S. government conspired to allow the attacks to occur and then cover up this fact. Given that pattern, the price for rejecting this conspiracy theory is to accept a coincidence theory. And, critics of the official accountcan point out, the number of coincidences that would need to be accepted is enormous. A complete list would include the following coincidences:
  1. Several FAA flight controllers exhibited extreme incompetence on 9/11, and evidently on that day only.
  2. The officials in charge at both NMCC and NORAD also acted incompetently on 9/11, and evidently on that day only.
  3. In particular, when NMCC-NORAD officials did finally order jet fighters to be scrambled to protect NYC and Washington, they ordered them in each case from more distant bases, rather than from McGuire and Andrews, respectively.
  4. After public statements that said Andrews Air Force Base had no jet fighters on alert to protect Washington, its website, which had previously said that many jets were always on alert, was altered.
  5. Several pilots who normally are airborne and going full speed in under three minutes all took much longer to get up on 9/11.
  6. These same pilots, flying planes capable of going 1,500 to 1,850 niles per hour, on that day were all evidently, able to get their planes to fly only 300 to 700 miles per hour.
  7. The collapse of the buildings of the World Trade Center, besides occuring at almost free-fall speed, exhibiting other signs of being controlled demolitions: molten steel, seismic shocks, and fine dust were all produced.
  8. The video and physical evidence suggesting that controlled demolition was the cause of collapse of the Twin Towers co-exists with testimony from people in these buildings that they heard, felt, and saw the effects of explosions.
  9. The collapse of WTC-1 and WTC-2 had some of the same features as the collapse of WTC-7, even though the latter collapse could not be attributed to the impact and jet fuel of an airplane.
  10. Both the North Tower and the South Tower collapsed just as their respective fires were dying down, even though this means that the South Tower, which had been hit second, collapse first.
  11. Governmental agencies had the debris, including the steel, from the collapsed WTC buildings removed without investigation, which is what would be expected if the government wanted to prevent evidence of explosives from being discovered.
  12. Physical evidence suggesting that what hit the Pentagon couldnot have been a Boeing 757 co-exists with testimony of several witnesses that the aircraft that hit the Pentagon was far smaller than a 757.
  13. This evidence about the aircraft that hit the Pentagon co-exists with reports that Flight 77 crashed in Kentucky or Ohio. (remember that from news on the day of? the reports of other crashes that you never heard about again? i do. i was watching the news that entire day.)
  14. This evidence co-exists with the fact that the only evidence that Flight 77 did not crash was supplied by an attorney closely associated with the Bush administration.
  15. Evidence that Flight 77 did not return to Washington to hit the Pentagon co-exists with the fact that when the flight control transcript was released, the fianl 20 minutes were missing.
  16. The fact that the aircraft that hit the Pentagon did so only after executing a very difficult maneuver co-exists with the fact that it struct a section of the Pentagon that, besides containing none of his leaders, was the section in which the strike would cause the least death and destruction.
  17. On the same day in which jet fighters were unable to protect the Pentagon from an attack by a single airplane, the missiles that normally protect the Pentagon also failed to do so.
  18. Sounds from cell phones inside Flight 93 suggesting that the plane had been hit by a missile were matched by many reports to this effect from witnesses on the ground.
  19. This evidence that FLight 93 was shot down co-exists with reports from both civilian and military leaders that there was intent to shoot this flight down.
  20. The only plane that was evidently shot down, Flight 93, was the only one in which it appeared that passengers were going to gain control.
  21. The evidence that Flight 93 was shot down after the passengers were about to take control co-exists with the fact that the flight control transcript for this flight was not released.
  22. That coincidence co-exists with the fact that when the cockpit recording of FLight 93 was released, the final three minutes were missing.
  23. Evidence showing that the US government had far more specific evidence of what was to occur on 9/11 that it had admitted co-exists with evidence that it actively blocked investigations that might have prevented the attacks.
  24. Reports of obstructions from FBI agents in Minneapolis co-exist with similar reports in Chicago and New York.
  25. Reports of such obstruction prior to 9/11 co-exist with reports that investigations after 9/11 were also obstructed.
  26. These reports of obstruction co-exist with multiple reports suggesting that the US government did not really try to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden either prior to or after 9/11, with the result that several people independently suggested that the US governement must be working for bin Laden - or vice virsa.
  27. All these reports co-exist with reports of hijackers being allowed in the country in spite of known terrorist connections or visa violations.
  28. These reports about immigration violations co-exist with evidence that some of these same men were allowed to train at US flight schools, some on military bases.
  29. This evidence of training at various American flight schools co-exists with reports that US officials tried to conceal this evidence.
  30. The traumatic events of 9/11 occured just a year after a document published by the Project for the New American Century, an organization whose founders included several men who became central figures in the Bush administration, referred to benefits that could come from "a new Pearl Harbor."
  31. The "unifying Pearl Harbor sort of purple American fury" produces by the 9/11 attacks did benefit the Bush administration in many ways.
  32. A credible report that spokespersons for the Bush administration had earlier announced that the US government was planning a war on Afghanistan, which would begin before the middle of October, co-exists with the fact that the attacks of 9/11, by occuring on that date, gave US military forces time to be ready to attack Afghanistan on October 7.
  33. Ahman Masood, whose continued existence would have posed problems for US plans with Afghanistan, was assassinated, reportedly by ISI operatives, just after the head of the ISI, General Mahmoud Ahmad, had been meeting in Washington for several days with the head of the CIA.
  34. In the White House's version of the recording of Condoleezza Rice's press briefing on May 16, the only portion that was inaudible was theportion in which the person under discussion, mentioned as having been in Washington on 9/11, was identified as "the ISI chief."
  35. Evidence of official efforts to conceal General Ahmand's presence in Washington co-exists with evidence that, after it became known that General Ahmad had ordered $100,000 wired to Mohamed Atta, US leaders exerted pressure on the ISI to dismiss him from his post quietly.
  36. Evidence of these attempts to conceal General Ahmad's involvement in 9/11 co-exists with evidence that the FBI and other federal agencies sought to obscure the fact that Saeed Sheikh, the man who wired the money to Atta, was an ISI agent.
  37. The fact that agents in FBI headquarters who presided over the alleged intelligence failure that allowed 9/11 to happen, widely called the biggest intelligence failure since Pearl Harbor, were promoted instead of fired or otherwise punished co-exists with the fact that other intelligence agencies also reported that there had been no punishments for incompetencies related to 9/11
  38. This evidence of lack of punishment for poor performance co-exists with reports that intelligence officers who were diligently trying to pursue investigations related to 9/11 suffered negative treatment from superiors.
As can be seen, what some critics call the incompetence theory can be understood as simply part of a larger coincidence theory, because it entails that FAA agents, NMCC and NORAD officials, pilots, immigration agents, US military leaders in Afghanistan, and numerous US intelligence agencies all acted with extreme and unusual incompetence when dealing with matters related to 9/11. But the coincidence theory required even greater credulity. To accept it required holding not only that each conjunction of events on the above list - which a conspiracy theory could explain by regarding each one as part of a pattern of events that had been planned - was purely coincidental. It also requires holding that the fact that there are so many events related to 9/11 that involves coincidences - at least 38 such events - is itself purely coincidental. Seen in this light, the fact that a complicity theory may not at this time be able to answer al the questions it evokes, revisionists can say, is a relatively trivial problem. Once the relevant facts are put before us, the official account involves a coincidence theory that would require far greater credulity that that which "conspiracy theorists" are accused. Furthermore, the fact that revisionists cannot yet answer all questions would be important only if they were claiming to have presented a conclusive case. But they are not. Meyssan, for example, tells readers that he is not asking them to accept his argument "as the definitive truth," but instead hopes that his readers will use his references to examine the evidence for themselves. Ahmed says that the purpose of his book is not to provide a definitive account but merely "to clarify the dire need for an in-depth investigation into the events of 11th September." My book is an attempt to show, in relatively brief form, that he and the others have done just that."
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